Getting Organized after a Disaster – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Organizing after a disaster - Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

With a growing number of disasters (both natural and otherwise) occuring yearly, people are taking emergency preparedness more seriously than ever before. Despite that, many are not prepared for potential emergencies, and even those who are, or think they are, can be caught off guard.

For this month’s Blog Carnival, I invited my readers to help address those situations by submitting their posts on Getting Organized after a Disaster.

Whether it be a death, loss of employment, a natural disaster, or damaged personal items due to a flood, knowing how to restore balance back into your life requires effective planning. ~ Shannon GibsonClick To Tweet

As you read the posts listed below, be sure to reach out to the bloggers by connecting with them on social media, leaving a comment, and/or sharing their posts with your own network. Please use the hashtags #POBC #disasterrecovery in your social media posts.

 Name of Blogger Title of Post Link to Post
Andi WillisThe Storm Has Passed: Photo Recovery After A
Kathy StoneWhat to Do When Disaster Strikes Your
Stephanie ShalofskyRe-opening Your Business After a
Shannon Gibson3 Lists That Will Get You Back to Basics After A
Nancy HaworthGetting Organized After a
Andrew MellenHow to deal with stuff after a natural
 Name of Blogger Title of Post Link to Post

Please feel free to share your own tips in the Comments section.

Next month’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival will be on Saying No, and submissions are now open. Whether you write a post specifically for the Blog Carnival, or submit one you’ve published in the past, we want to read it! You have until 7 PM EST on Tuesday, July 17 to make your submission.

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  1. Great collection of posts, Janet. It’s hard to think about what to do after a natural disaster, but when you are the mist of it, you carry on and get through it the best you know how. These posts help ease the anxiety. I’m going to be sharing these posts.

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