Let’s hear it for the Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival Bloggers!

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Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival 2021 Contributors

The Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival is without a doubt the most popular feature on Your Organizing Business. Every month bloggers have the opportunity to maximize their exposure by sharing a post on a given topic.

Today I’d like to acknowledge everyone who contributed one or more posts to the Blog Carnival this year.

First Timers

Sending out a warm welcome to those who participated for the first time in 2021.

Adele Lapointe

Adrienne Tom

Hilda Rendl

Jonathan Aufray

Kristina Ivanova

Lisa Munkvold

Lysa Appleton

Molly Winters

Pam Mirehouse

Phaedra Studt

Susan Cranston

Susanna Miles

Taylor Moore

Tonia Derkos

Star Bloggers

A Star Blogger is someone who has participated in 10 or more editions of the Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival. This year, three people earned this badge.

Chantal Imbach

Sheri Steed

Pam Wong

Returning Star Bloggers are

Anne Blumer

Hellen Buttigieg

Hilda Rodgers

Liana George

Most of them could move to the next rank in 2022 – and they wouldn’t even have to contribute every month!

Superstar Bloggers

A Superstar Blogger is someone who has participated in 25 or more editions of the Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival. Four people earned this badge in 2021.

Kim Tremblay

Leslie Josel

Janet Schiesl

Julie Stobbe

They join the returning Superstar Bloggers:

Margarita Ibbott

Debbie Rosemont

Laura Wittmann

Melissa Gratias

Nancy Haworth

Natalie Gallagher

Olive Wagar

Stacey Agin Murray

Megastar Bloggers

A Megastar Blogger is someone who has participated in 50 or more editions of the Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival. One person earned this badge in 2021.

Seana Turner


She joins the returning Megastar Bloggers:

Hazel Thornton

Linda Samuels

Sabrina Quairoli

Julie Bestry

Go to the Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival Star Bloggers page for links to individual blogs.

There isn’t currently a badge higher than Megastar Blogger, but I may create a new one when someone passes 100 entries. That won’t happen before 2023, so I have lots of time to decide what to call it!

Rising Stars

Last but not least, I’d like to pay tribute to the many bloggers who came back this year and are one step closer to becoming Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival Star Bloggers.

Amy Slenker-Smith

Cary Prince

Diane Quintana

Jill Annis

Lisa Gessert

Lisa Griffith

Lori Jazvac

Lucy Kelly

Maria Macaraig

Melanie Summers

Ronni Eisenberg

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I am so thankful for each and every one of the bloggers listed above. If I missed naming you or if your recognition is late (at least two of you), I sincerely apologize.

To date nearly 300 bloggers have contributed over 2500 posts to the Productivity & Organizing Blog Carnival. That’s a lot of good reading! And those bloggers are still enjoying the benefit of the added exposure they gain through exposure on Your Organizing Business.

If you’ve never participated, I hope you’ll consider joining us next year. You can start right away by submitting a post to January’s Blog Carnival, when we’re looking at Neurodiversity, thanks to sponsorship by The MindFlows Planning Collection.

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Topics for 2024

Forming New Habits
Submission dates: December 21 to January 17
Sponsor: Geralin Thomas, Career Coach to Professional Organizers

Creative Storage Solutions
Submission dates: January 18 to February 14
Sponsor: Sabrina’s Organizing & Admin Services

Money Management
Submission dates: February 15 to March 20
Sponsor: Mindflows for ADHD

Education and Organizing
Submission dates: March 21 to April 17
Sponsorship available

Filing Systems
Submission dates: April 18 to May 15
Sponsor: Sabrina’s Organizing & Admin Services

Submission dates: May 16 to June 19
Sponsor: Peggy Wonder, Space For You

Writing and Organizing
Submission dates: June 20 to July 17
Sponsorship available

Meal Planning
Submission dates: July 18 to August 14
Sponsorship available

Organizing Meetings
Submission dates: August 15 to September 18
Sponsorship available

Organizing for Seasonal Changes
Submission dates: September 19 to October 16
Sponsorship available

Best Organizing & Productivity Books
Submission dates: October 17 to November 20
Sponsorship available

Best of 2024
Submission dates: November 21 to December 25
Sponsorship available

Become a Star

Contribute to 10 or more Blog Carnivals and get recognized as a POBC Star Blogger!

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  1. Hazel Thornton Hazel Thornton on December 29, 2021 at 9:10 am

    My favorite thing about being a Megastar Blogger is that I wasn’t trying to achieve anything. It was my pleasure to participate in however many blog carnivals I have over the years. Until now. Now I want to know how many I’ve got and how many I need to achieve the potential next level. At this point in my blogging career it might take some effort on my part, lol! Thanks, Janet, for providing this wonderful platform for us (and for our readers).

    • Avatar Janet E Barclay on December 29, 2021 at 3:43 pm

      Hazel, you’ve been in 78 carnivals, so the soonest you can qualify is 2023. Good luck!

  2. Avatar Seana Turner on December 29, 2021 at 5:14 pm

    Wow, I”m honored to reach “megastar” status! This is always such a terrific roundup of information, and I couldn’t be joining a better group. Thanks for organizing us, Janet! Looking forward to more great sharing in 2022.

    • Avatar Janet E Barclay on December 31, 2021 at 10:20 am

      I’m so excited for you! I knew you would qualify when we were speaking earlier this year, but didn’t want to spoil the surprise. ?

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